Plantar Wart


These occur on the soles of your feet.  They usually look like flesh-colored of light brown lumps with tiny black dots in them.  These dots are small, clotted blood vessels.  Common warts are usually harmless, and most disappear on their own.  But they may be bothersome or embarrassing, and you may need treatment to remove them.  They may recur after treatment and may be a persistent problem.

Over the Counter:

DuoFilm Salicyclic Acid Wart Remover

Treat with Duct Tape:

Research shows that duct tape works by irritating the skin surrounding the warts. This stimulates the immune system to attack the warts and destroy them. The rubber adhesive present in the duct tape may play a role in stimulating the immune system to attack and remove the warts.

Here are the following steps to use duct tape to get rid of plantar warts:

  • Cut a piece of multi-purpose duct tape and apply this directly on the plantar wart.
  • Keep the duct tape for a period of 6 days. If the duct tape falls within this period, replace it with a new tape.
  • After 6 days, remove the tape and soak the warts in warm water. Now, gently scrub the warts using a pumice stone or an emery board. This will remove the dead skin.
  • Repeat this every 6 days for a period 2 months or until the wart is eliminated.

Duct tape therapy is simple and effective. However, if the warts persist consult your doctor for other treatments.