“Brittany is the best ever!  Great mani/pedis in a laid back, relaxing atmosphere and she is always conscientious about using clean, sanitary, and new supplies for each client.  No other salon I’ve been to has been so mindful about taking the proper precautions.  Brittany’s also great about handling special requests or the specific needs of her clients.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else.  Five stars for sure!” -Lisa K.  Austin, TX

“Cleanliness is Brittany’s first priority.  No fear of fungus here!”  Brandy Mann

“Best pedicure in the world…that is how I would describe Brittany’s services!  My horrible calluses are under control as a result of her extra effort in scrubbing them down and her “special tools” she uses to do so.  The “Allpresan” products are the best on the market…hands down!  My feet are literally addicted to the lotion and foam spray.  I keep 2 bottles of product…one for home use and one for travel use.  Couldn’t live without Brittany or her products…no one can touch her!!!”   Gentry Talley

“Brittany gives the best pedicure I’ve ever had! I love the ‘sander’ she uses on calluses!”  Janice Cartwright

“One word, healthy. Ever since I’ve been working with Brittany my nails, cuticles are presentable. I wash my hands at least 15times a day. Dry, brittle were words I would use to describe my hands. Healthy is the one word I can use now!”  Gladys Nicholls

“I’ve been going to Brittany for pedicures since 2002.  Because of her expertise, I won’t let anyone else touch my feet!  She’s excellent at her work, a kind and generous person and a true professional.  I recommend her to everyone who is looking for a pedicure.”   A.F.

“Brittany…I love your quiet room with no distractions and y0ur quiet music.  I especially love the electric drill on my old and tired feet, and your gentle nature.  I’m glad to have found you!”   Ellen Ducote

“I have never had a pedicure look as beautiful and perfect for so long before I started seeing Brittany. The polish doesn’t chip off, even after weeks of wear, and her attention to detail is amazing. She is worth every penny!”   Amanda Soisson

“I love going to Brittany for a mani/pedi.   Brittany uses high quality products in a very relaxed, quiet and clean atmosphere with no chemical odor.   Brittany is “easy” to be around, very attentive to my needs, and her prices are quite reasonable.”   Nanci Fisher

“Brittany gives the best pedicure in Austin!  She pays particular attention to sanitation, does detailed callus removal & cuticle repair, and gives a wonderful foot massage.  Once I discovered her, there was NO going back!”  Beverly McDaniel

“I have been going to Brittany for three years now.  Brittany gives the most awesome manicure and pedicure.  I am continuously amazed at how she is able to completely beautify my hands and feet.  I have such a problem with dry skin around my nails and on my heels.  Brittany is able to clean it all up and make my nails, toenails and heels look splendid!  Brittany spends an hour with you, pampering you with hand scrubs and hot wax treatments and hand and arm massages along with the exquisite manicure.  The pedicure is even longer with foot soaks and foot massages and heel filing and the most awesome nail polishing.  There is no one else like Brittany in Austin.  Thanks, Brittany, for all you give to me!!”   Carey Youngblood

“Brittany Kruse is a wonderful manicurist and pedicurist. I love going to see her cause I know the work will be excellent AND because she is warm, engaging and super easy to be with. We have great discussion AND I’ve had to take business calls during my appointments that have prevented us from speaking to each other. She is comfortable either way! Her number one goal is to serve her clients and you feel it immediately: from scheduling for your convenience with expectations about length of time, communicating re aspects of the services to paraffin treatment for your hands and the way the polish is long lasting—even though I use my hands for work, gardening, the kitchen, A LOT!  I strongly recommend working with Brittany to make sure your hands and feet are at their very best!”  Lynn Neillie

“Brittany knows how to pamper feet! I’ve been getting pedicures from her for two years now and can highly recommend safepedi to anyone who wants a quality pedicure. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxing, and the results are beautiful.” Becky S.

Brittany is the best!!…my pedi’s last much longer and my feet feel so much better that if I go to a walk in salon. Katie M.

26 Responses to Reviews

  1. Jean Ann says:

    I have been a client for over 5 years and recommend Safepedi to anyone wanting an excellent manicure or pedicure with the highest attention to quality, cleanliness and an hour or two of relaxation. Brittany is the ultimate professional as well as a kind and interesting person. I heartily recommend her to you. Jean Ann

  2. Gise Jaimes says:

    Loved! Loved! LOVED!! my pedicure!!!!! Almost a full three weeks later and the polish STILL looks as smooth and neat as the day of the pedicure. Really appreciate the way she listened to my concerns, her attention to detail and her professionalism. Cannot wait to schedule another pedicure – it was/is truly a pampering experience! Gise J

  3. Jennifer Sanders says:

    Brittany does an excellent job! The pedicure feels wonderful while I’m there then I get to enjoy a full month of soft feet and shiny nails without extra upkeep on my part. This is different from most salon pedicures for me which only keep my feet soft for a day or two. I will keep going back to Brittany! Jennifer S.

  4. Joann Dickenson says:

    I loved it! I have never gotten a pedicure where they used throw-away liners and all new tools to work on my feet. I definitely felt that everything was safe and clean. Brittany is a great manicurist which made me feel really comfortable and relaxed as well. It’s very one on one which is a nice personal touch and she would be great for a gift certificate for someone who has troubled feet or someone like myself with tired pregnant feet. She is worth every penny! Highly recommend. Joann

  5. K.G. says:

    Brittany is fantastic!! Her pedicures are so relaxing. The polish didn’t chip during the five weeks in between appointments. Best pedicure I’ve ever had! Thanks Brittany!

  6. Karen Le Blanc says:

    I enjoy treating myself to a pedicure every couple of months. I’ve tried many places over the years. My first pedicure with Brittany was hands down the best pedicure I’d ever had. It’s been more than a year now, and I won’t let anyone but Brittany touch my feet! She is the utmost professional committed to hygienic practices. Her attention to detail is so refreshing. She takes pride in her work and won’t let you leave without pristine feet! Her room at the Healing Arts Center is peaceful and relaxing. I could stay there all day! I would not hesitate to recommend Brittany’s services to anyone. She is simply the best!

  7. Ann Patton says:

    I just went to Brittany recently after my long term pedicurist stood me up several times- as I’m 8 1/2 months pregnant that is just not cool. It was a revelation! She spent a full 2 hours with me (normally a pedi with her is 90 min- so awesome) for this first appt. as one of my toes has some major fungus issues that has caused 3/4 of my nail bed to separate from my toe. My feet have never looked or felt better. I have NO toe pain. None. I think her prices are really reasonable for the amount of time she spends and the quality of work. Color me a brand new long term client.

  8. Lisa Chernow says:

    I am extremely impressed with the pedicure and manicure performed by Brittany Kruse of SafePedi. Her facilities are clean, professional and relaxing. She is very gentle and thorough and the results are as delightful as the process. Brittany is intelligent and knowledgeable and uses high quality products. I intend to become a “regular” and highly recommend SafePedi.

  9. Suzi Deem says:

    Wondeful experience! The best pedi that I’ve ever received.

  10. George Hernandez says:

    The whole experience at SafePedi is first-rate. Brittany greeted me as I walked through the door and offered me a bottled water. She answered all of my questions about the sterilization process for her tools and the disposable foot baths. I felt very comfortable and relaxed while she worked on my feet – which she made look great! I will definitely be back.

  11. Barbara Holloway says:

    I am new in Austin and googled “medically safe pedicures” in the hopes of finding a place that practiced safely, with sterile instruments and the cleanest environment possible, for my feet. Well, I sure got lucky finding SafePedi and it’s owner, Brittany Kruse. I would highly recommend her services. Not only is she delightful as a person, but I found the fact that she is a certified master pedicurist very comforting. Her work on my feet was top notch and I felt like I was not picking up anyone else’s germs, due to her attention to detail, including individual disposable foot tubs, supplies and sterile instruments. I am so happy to have found her!!
    Barbara Holloway

  12. Raquel G says:

    This was my first pedicure, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it!
    I really appreciated Brittany’s salon space, as I was able to have a pedicure in a private environment. I was very comfortable, and she was so friendly

  13. Chloe A. says:

    Brittany is great- so lucky to find her! I am type 1 diabetic and appreciate the care she spends on a pedicure!

  14. Olga Kuntz says:

    Brittany is simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone I’ve ever met. She’s proud of her craft and it shows, you should see my feet. I looove her!

  15. K.H. says:

    I found Safe Pedi when I was looking online for a salon that offers more hygienic pedicures than a typical strip-mall shop, and Brittany gave me the best pedicure I’ve ever had. Her pedicures usually take a hour and a half, and they are more expensive than a typical strip mall salon, but you get what you pay for. Brittany’s service is exceptional. She even recommended a few products to help with foot and skin problems and mentioned where to buy them (she does not sell them). My pedicure with Brittany was very relaxing, and she made my feet look and feel great.

  16. Barbara Parker says:

    I am new to the Austin area and was looking for someone experienced in pedicures for diabetics. I did research online and came across Safe Pedi. I decided to give Brittany a try….believe me….I was NOT disappointed. Her health/sanitation protocol is above reproach, and she did wonderful things for my feet. Also recommended some great products to use at home between pedis…and, no, they were not products she sold in the salon. Definitely 5stars, and I will be going back.

  17. Sara Mata says:

    Brittany is amazing!! Her pedicures are worth every penny! Very comfortable, relaxing 90 minute pampering!! She is so nice and friendly and makes you feel great! She gave lots of options for home foot care in between visits that you could find online and purchase!! I highly recommend her for a safe and sanitary pedicure!

  18. Pierre Kerbage says:

    Uncommon excellence, cleanliness and attention to details. Brittany does it RIGHT: She takes the time to meticulously work on every toe, safely, hygienically and with GREAT detail. You are never rushed because there are 10 people ahead of you or behind you – your time is your dedicated time slot. I have had a problem with ingrown toenail for years. I left with 0 pain and all toes looking perfect, with no problems. You get what you pay for and Brittany’s pedicures are simply best of breed. There is no compromise in ANYTHING!

  19. John L says:

    Brittany is a complete professional . I always feel completely safe in her confident care and my feet have never felt or looked so good.

  20. Jane B. says:

    I rarely write reviews, but just wanted to say – this was the first pedicure I’ve ever had and I was a bit nervous. Brittany was great and the entire experience was really excellent. It is very safe, pleasant and professional. I highly recommend her.

  21. Nancy Jones says:

    Brittany is wonderful and gave me THE best pedicure of my life!!!
    She was punctual and very personable….which made the experience even better.
    Everything was done in a very professional manner and she imparted a lot of knowledge about upkeep and care of ones’ foot care!
    Overall, I highly recommend Brittany and give her 10 toes up!

  22. Candice T says:

    I have been going to SafePedi since I moved to Austin two years ago and refuse to go anywhere else. I absolutely LOVE Brittany and the fact that she is flexible to my scheduling needs.

    When I go in it is just me and her and soothing music. We talk and laugh creating a very relaxing experience and I leave with pretty feet and toes. She has suggested many products that have helped with my psoriasis which was the reason I chose her in the first place. I needed someone who understood my needs and kept things highly sanitary and Brittany accomplishes both above my expectations each visit.

  23. Paula S. says:

    Going on two years with Brittany of SafePedi and still thankful for finding her. I’m mobility impaired with RA, on 24 hour oxygen, and have “weird” feet. Nails that need to be cut just so to prevent ingrown horrors from happening – callouses in strange places – etc etc. And to put a cherry on top – I have a plaque of psoriasis on the bottom of one foot – RA related possibly but a bugger to get rid of. No one in the pedi salons I had attempted to go to before, was even aware of what I was talking about and kept acting like it was jungle rot.

    I needed someone who knew feet and had taken the time to further their knowledge beyond OPI’s latest seasonal nail polish. Brittany is that person. The time she takes with each toe – the care taken to find what you’re experiencing with your feet along with what your feet tell her on their own – how clean everything is kept – the comfortable chair while getting your pedi – and, you still get a great paint job from a wide range of colors to “naturals”.

    Another thing, especially for someone like me with breathing difficulties – not being in one of those salons where the over powering smell of acrylics and what not are enough to make a healthy person gasp. The air is clear, the music is soft and the atmosphere in general is soothing and professional.

    My feet are not only healthier than they’ve been for a while but they also look good – even for an old broad! I highly recommend Brittany of SafePedi.

  24. Steph M. says:

    Brittany was kind, nice, attentive, and fun to hang out with. More than this, I felt I was getting a completely safe pedicure for my wedding (the safety thing is very important to me). I waited a few weeks to see how it would last–and it has lasted amazingly well! I look forward to going back to get my toes re-done for my honeymoon. Three cheers for Brittany, her amazing work style, and her very clean and inviting space!

  25. Laura says:

    Best pedicure I’ve ever received! I have a number of health issues which cause extreme sensitivity and pain. I explained all of this before Brittany began. She was super careful, always checking to make sure I was comfortable. I welcomed the personalized treatment and Brittany’s compassion. She used tools I’d never seen in standard pedicure places and was clearly an expert at using them. I was thrilled with the result. My feet look better than they ever have before!

  26. Laura Richey says:

    I’m so glad I found Brittany! I would never let anyone else touch my feet. The pedicure I received from her was relaxing and luxurious but most important it was SAFE. She definitely knows her stuff! Thanks Brittany!

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