Welcome to SafePedi, a hygienic pedicure provider with 18 years of experience. My name is Brittany Kruse, I am a Certified Master Pedicurist specializing in medical pedicures.

Where MEDI Meets Pedi!

We are located in the Rosedale neighborhood of Central Austin.

Ready to enjoy your exclusive time at SafePedi?

Whether you are a first time client or a long-established “regular,” my clients enjoy a professional, relaxing experience that leaves their feet feeling and looking their very best.

Through my extensive training and experience I have gained in-depth knowledge of foot, skin and nail conditions. Including the proper care of diabetic and elderly feet, as well as ingrown nail care. I practice high standards of sanitation and sterilization including the use of disposable foot baths. You will never have to worry about contracting infections, or catching nail or skin fungus.